The HPV vaccine

About the HPV vaccine

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine used in Australia protects you against nine types of HPV that are responsible for most HPV-related illnesses

HPV vaccine safety and side effects

The HPV vaccine is safe and effective at protecting against most HPV-related cancers and illnesses. However, all medicines – including vaccines – can have side effects.

How to get the HPV vaccine

Most Australians who are eligible for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine receive it through school-based vaccination programs. However, some people may have missed out on being vaccinated for HPV for several reasons.

Preparing children for HPV vaccinations

Vaccinations may make some children nervous or worried. This information can prepare your child for their HPV vaccine and explain how it protects their health for the future.

HPV vaccination for children with disability

Young people with disability should have the same access to healthcare as everyone else, including vaccines that can prevent diseases.

Preparing your school for HPV vaccinations

Some students may be nervous about having a vaccination at school, and it can bring up challenging conversations among your school community. We provide information about how you can prepare your school community for HPV vaccination day.