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Older girls: abnormal Cervical Screening Tests after the HPV vaccine

Abnormal Cervical Screening Tests can occur even if you've had the HPV vaccine.

This is either because:

  1. The vaccine was given after exposure to HPV had already occurred – that is, through sexual activity with a person who had HPV.

  2. It was caused by an HPV type that the vaccine does not protect you against. The vaccine protects you against the HPV types which cause around 90% of cervical cancers. The vaccine doesn't protect you against the other HPV types which can cause abnormal Cervical Screening Test results.

Abnormal Cervical Screening Tests cannot be caused by the vaccine.

If you have had an abnormal Cervical Screening Test result, speak to your doctor or visit the National Cervical Screening Program.

Watch this video to learn more about how the vaccine works.

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The vaccine can't cause abnormal Cervical Screening Tests. 

Design and partial content reproduced with the kind permission of the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

The HPV vaccine is a prescription medicine. Medicines have benefits and risks. After reading this website, talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of this vaccine and to check eligibility.

Females who have had the HPV vaccine still need regular Cervical Screening Tests.