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Information for immunisation coordinators and nurses

The secondary school year the vaccine is given in varies between States and Territories – refer to our table to see how it's being delivered in your area.

State and Territory immunisation coordinators can use the links below to find tips for planning vaccination days with schools, and tailored resources that you and schools may wish to use or adapt.

Immunisation nurses

Research has shown that immunisation nurse actions can impact upon the vaccination day experience, which can then impact on second and third dose uptake, and even vaccine uptake in subsequent year groups.

When giving the vaccine, distraction techniques such as talking to the student, allowing them to listen to an iPod or having a ball on hand for them to squeeze can be useful.

This website assumes knowledge of the Australian Immunisation Handbook. The handbook contains a lot of useful information, including tips on how to ensure a good vaccination day experience.

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Immunisation coordinators play a vital role in the National HPV Vaccination Program.

Design and partial content reproduced with the kind permission of the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

The HPV vaccine is a prescription medicine. Medicines have benefits and risks. After reading this website, talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of this vaccine and to check eligibility.

Females who have had the HPV vaccine still need regular Cervical Screening Tests.